About RISE

RISE is a Nepali-registered organization that serves as a common platform where doctors and medical students can explore educational and career opportunities across different medical disciplines in different countries. In order to meet the new demands of globalized world, health care professionals are challenged to stay on the cutting edge of technological practice to provide the best services possible. Wehn RISE established 12 years ago it instantly became a dream destination for students and doctors alike; a place where creativity and cutting edge knowledge were being combined in new and existing ways for the benefit of NEpal and the medical community as a whole.

Now, 12 years later, some of Nepal's leading doctors, enterpreneurs and managers have further improved RISE with a new set of farsighted and innovative goals and objectives for the benefit of medical professionals everywhere.


Abroad Study:

We provide proper counseling and essential services for students willing to pursue their MBBS and Post Graduation course outside Nepal. We assist them in selecting and processing the best medical colleges in the SAARC countries and other nation likewise.



RISE has a huge library with almost all the books related to medical studies. It is spacious and has a very pleasing environment. It also has a separate reading room which has been built with consideration to comfort of the mind and body. It also has a computer room with internet facility.






A lush green beautiful garden with a variety of flora and fauna is situated to the southern side of the building where students can sit and relax or study as well.






RISE Building:

Though built long time back, the building boasts very modern look, it imbibes spacious class rooms with modern teaching amenities, conference room, library, canteen and rooms for recreation.