Doctors Club

Doctors Club

This is a professional club where Doctors congregate in one place and share their ideas and views especially relating to medical advancement research and moreover topics which enhance doctors professionalism and confidence.

Senior doctors will cater the topics which will be of great help for junior doctors to expand their horizon of knowledge and curiosity. These academic and scientific session, seminar or discussion will be followed by a short Q&A interaction.

This section will be succeeded by a short entertainment or creative show and finally concludes with the most awaited part,ie. Snacks/dinner.

Significance (Club):

*C – CREATE, this will help to create or draft amendment in health policy,health care delivery and medical education, country will benefit. Furthermore, creativity of doctor will increase.

*L – Love,this will definitely help know each other,create strong bond and affection between professions.

*U – UNCOVER, this will disclose the professional capability and enthusiasm of junior doctors and uncover the intensity of struggle, experience and achievement of senior doctors.

*B – BREAK, this will be a well deserved break and recreation for hectic lifestyle of doctors.


Day - Last Saturday of each month

Time – 4pm – 7pm

Venue – RISE building

Number not more than 50 doctors

Registration through our website or via phone (by 5pm.respective Thursday)

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