NMCLE is a major gateway and standard setting examination, one should be well prepared mentally and academically. RISE not only prepares the doctors to sit for the NMCLE but also as per its aims, sets a learning environment to rediscover the doctor. The programme is one of its kind and is extremely demanding and rigorous. We believe that you as a doctor can enhance your potential as we provide revision of the theoretical  knowledge and its clinical correlation, approaches to clinical procedures, an integrated package for NMCLE, The classes are remedial and are conducted by highly qualified, experienced and devoted teachers and doctors. The institute takes care of its students by providing all the facilities and counseling to pursue their career as qualified medical professional. RISE aims for its students to imbibe knowledge, attitude, skill  and professionalism. RISE is a center of excellence setting new standards in medical field where the upcoming doctors are prepared to face NMCLE and other important aspects  of their medical career.

The duration of the programme is of three months.

Admission Procedure:

Students who have successfully completed or expect to successfully completeMBBS, can apply for the programme.

Admission forms can be collected from the institute at Rs.100,which has to be filled up validly and completely.


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