We are proud to serve our RISE family since last 12 years. Thank you all for being a part of RISE.

Rishav Bhattarai

Name: Dr. Rishav Bhattarai

Study at: IOM

N.M.C No: 12312

Niraz Shrestha

Name: Mr. Niraz Shrestha

Study at: Manipal

N.M.C No: 2212

Working at: Norvic

Dr. Dr.Ravi  Giri

Name: Dr. Dr.Ravi Giri

Study at: NAMS

N.M.C No: 1234

Working at: norvuc

Dr. Ram Shrestha

Name: Dr. Ram Shrestha

Study at: nepalgunj medical college

N.M.C No: 14613

Working at: rise

Manoj Yadav

Name: Dr. Manoj Yadav

Study at: Nepalgunj Medical College

N.M.C No: 23515

Dr. Sandesh Shrestha

Name: Dr. Sandesh Shrestha

Study at: Univ of Dhaka

N.M.C No: 19405

Dr. Santosh  Karki

Name: Dr. Santosh Karki

Study at: nmc

N.M.C No: 1239

Dr. Dr Sanjeeb Dhungana

Name: Dr. Dr Sanjeeb Dhungana

Study at: KIST Medical College

N.M.C No: 1236

Working at: KMC

Dr. Archana Joshi

Name: Dr. Archana Joshi

Study at: Kumudini women's medical college

N.M.C No: 1281

Dr. Pratik Pandey

Name: Dr. Pratik Pandey

Study at: KIST Medical College

N.M.C No: 1247

Sudip Aryal

Name: Dr. Sudip Aryal

Study at: Universal College of Medical Sciences

N.M.C No: 19011

Working at: No

Dr. Roshani Ghimire

Name: Dr. Roshani Ghimire

Study at: USTC

N.M.C No: 13097

Dr. Rojan Dangol

Name: Dr. Rojan Dangol

Study at: NMCTH

N.M.C No: 21987

Sama  Piya

Name: Dr. Sama Piya

Study at: Kathmandu medical college

N.M.C No: 21497

Working at: No where

Dr. Biswas Pant

Name: Dr. Biswas Pant

Study at: NGMC

N.M.C No: 1238

Dr. Rupesh Sapkota

Name: Dr. Rupesh Sapkota

Study at: Dhaka national medical college

N.M.C No: 1231

Dr. Pralab  Dahal

Name: Dr. Pralab Dahal

Study at: Kist Medical College

N.M.C No: 1237

Dr. Megha Dev

Name: Dr. Megha Dev

Study at: Banaras Hindu University

N.M.C No: 1235

Working at: NMC

Dr. Paramangana Thebe

Name: Dr. Paramangana Thebe

Study at: Manipal college of medical sciences

N.M.C No: 21119

Dr. Manoj Yadav

Name: Dr. Manoj Yadav

Study at: david tvildiani medical university

N.M.C No: 1351

Dr. Asmit Singh

Name: Dr. Asmit Singh

Study at: Janaki medical college

N.M.C No: 1272

Dr. Suvekchya Pandey

Name: Dr. Suvekchya Pandey

Study at: Nepal Medical College

N.M.C No: 1245

Dr. Bijaya Shrestha

Name: Dr. Bijaya Shrestha

Study at: Nepal medical college

N.M.C No: 1276

Dr. Mrigendra Thapa

Name: Dr. Mrigendra Thapa

Study at: West China school of medicine

N.M.C No: 10164