We are proud to serve our RISE family since last 12 years. Thank you all for being a part of RISE.

Dr. Richa Baniya

Name: Dr. Richa Baniya

Study at: PAHS

N.M.C No:

Dr. Shirish Shrestha

Name: Dr. Shirish Shrestha

Study at: Dr shirish

N.M.C No: 18636

Dr. Megha Dev

Name: Dr. Megha Dev

Study at: BHU

N.M.C No:

Dr. Sushmita Gurung

Name: Dr. Sushmita Gurung

Study at: kathmandu medical college

N.M.C No:

Dr. Niranjan Panthi

Name: Dr. Niranjan Panthi

Study at: IOM

N.M.C No: 2979

Niraz Shrestha

Name: Mr. Niraz Shrestha

Study at: Manipal

N.M.C No: 2212

Working at: Norvic

Dr. Sirish Raj  Pandey

Name: Dr. Sirish Raj Pandey

Study at: USTC

N.M.C No: 1702

Dr. Manisha Gajurel

Name: Dr. Manisha Gajurel

Study at: kumidini womens medical colg

N.M.C No: 1548

Dr. Roshila Parajuli

Name: Dr. Roshila Parajuli

Study at: nmc

N.M.C No: 1662

Dr. Birata Gurung

Name: Dr. Birata Gurung

Study at: coms

N.M.C No: 1661

Dr. Ashish Kr Ray

Name: Dr. Ashish Kr Ray

Study at: jmc

N.M.C No: 1624

Dr. Sushen Belbase

Name: Dr. Sushen Belbase

Study at: olfu

N.M.C No: 1645

Dr. Ranjana  Bista

Name: Dr. Ranjana Bista

Study at: kmc

N.M.C No: 1599

Dr. Sagun Sthapit

Name: Dr. Sagun Sthapit

Study at: NGMC

N.M.C No: 1687

Dr. Nimesh Khanal

Name: Dr. Nimesh Khanal

Study at: kmc

N.M.C No: 2116

Working at: JMC

Dr. Shashank Raj  Pokharel

Name: Dr. Shashank Raj Pokharel

Study at: MCOMS

N.M.C No: 1389

Dr. Pramita Sharma

Name: Dr. Pramita Sharma

Study at: NGMC

N.M.C No: 1393

Dr. Sakar   Khanal

Name: Dr. Sakar Khanal

Study at: Nobel Medical colg

N.M.C No: 1409

Dr. Suman Bartaula

Name: Dr. Suman Bartaula

Study at: ngmc

N.M.C No: 1554

Dr. Dipa Rai

Name: Dr. Dipa Rai

Study at: kumidini medical colg

N.M.C No: 1557

Dr. Pukar Lamichhane

Name: Dr. Pukar Lamichhane

Study at: lmc

N.M.C No: 1594

Dr. Ishu Gagurel

Name: Dr. Ishu Gagurel

Study at: kusms

N.M.C No: 1636

Dr. Mahammod Rahamatullah

Name: Dr. Mahammod Rahamatullah

Study at: zhengzhu med colg

N.M.C No: 1667

Dr. Ishrat Zahan

Name: Dr. Ishrat Zahan

Study at: ngmc

N.M.C No: 1650

Dr. Ashish Poudel

Name: Dr. Ashish Poudel

Study at: ngmc

N.M.C No: 1648

Dr. Chandrama Shrestha

Name: Dr. Chandrama Shrestha

Study at: central south university

N.M.C No: 014441165

Working at: KMC

Dr. Deepa Bohara

Name: Dr. Deepa Bohara

Study at: nmc

N.M.C No: 1607

Dr. Soumya Adhikari

Name: Dr. Soumya Adhikari

Study at: iom

N.M.C No: 1610

Dr. Dinesh Bhandari

Name: Dr. Dinesh Bhandari

Study at: manipal medical colg

N.M.C No: 1634

Dr. Rakshya Maharjan

Name: Dr. Rakshya Maharjan

Study at: KMC

N.M.C No: 1723